Carla V Leite — based in Portugal

Logos and Brands

Official brand for TECHDAYS aveiro – IT Aveiro '15

Official brand for an Academic Movie Awards - University of Aveiro '12
[co-design with Rúben Ramos]

The european platform for Open Source Projects official logo - IT Aveiro '13

Official logo of Cloud Thinking project - IT Aveiro '13

Logo evolution of The Spider website - Academic project '10

Official logo of the University Linux Group - GLUA '12

Official logo of 2clicks, an extension of JDownloader for Chrome. The old version was called JDChrome, and said about it: "certainly has one of the cutest custom JD-Logos we've seen so far, but it can also be quite timesaving for you." But I had to change it because of new Google guidelines.

Logo of LUMUS interactive installation - Academic project '11

Brand of Easter Competition app for Drove Vets - Vet Inflow '13

Official logo of Summer Academy Activities - IT Aveiro '13