Carla V Leite — based in Portugal

Print design


2 different Rollups - Vet Inflow '13

2 versions of the National Electronics Competition poster - Freelancer '13

Cover and Photos for National Scouts Meeting newspaper - Freelancer '10

Certificates of the Academic Movie Awards Workshops - University of Aveiro '12

Poster to call for movies for an Academic Movie Awards - freelancer project '12
[co-design RĂºben Ramos]

Poster to promote an Academic Movie Awards and associated Workshops - freelancer project '12

Stationery with the first logo- Vet Inflow '13

Certificates of the Summer Academy Peddy-paper - IT Aveiro'13

Brochure (4fold) to advertise a metallurgical industry - Freelancer '10

Poster of Lumus interactive installation - Academic project '11

Illustration for a veterinary content - Vet Inflow '13

Poster for a Cambada@home demo - Freelancer '11

Poster of an intercultural event in Finland [co-designed with Tillinger Adrienn] Volunteer '13